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Am I addicted To Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic Marijuana

There are around 11.8 million adolescents in the U.S. who are addicted to marijuana, and it’s most prevalent among grade 8, 10, and 12 students. Alongside this, vaping is also trending in the U.S. and several Americans are already using synthetic marijuana liquid as vape juice.

This is an alarming case and most users are not aware that they are already dependent or addicted to this substance. Right now, can you tell if you are addicted to synthetic marijuana or not?

Let’s talk more about that here.

A Brief About Synthetic Marijuana

This man-made substance is also called K2 or Spice, and it was produced to mimic the effects of the natural cannabinoid without the THC content. If you are using this compound, and you take a drug test, then you will have a negative result. That’s also one main reason why several individuals are abusing this drug.

The majority of the users got their supplies from internet cafes, gas stations, and parties. The sellers promote this substance as a legal and safe alternative to the natural cannabinoid, undermining its detrimental health effects.

What Are Other Street Names of Synthetic Marijuana?

This artificial cannabinoid is popularly known as spice or K2, yet sellers and users have given other names to it, so they can hide the real identity of this substance. Here are its street names:

  • Synthetic MarijuanaBlaze
  • Fake weed
  • Bliss
  • Mojo
  • Genie
  • Moon Rocks
  • Black Mamba
  • Zohai
  • Skunk
  • Cloud 9
  • Yucatan Fire

Signs of Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Based on the DSM-4 manual, if you have at least two of these signs, then you are positive of being addicted to the substance.

  • Continued usage of the substance even though it’s ruining your health and social life
  • Intense craving of the drug
  • Several failed attempts of cutting back from using it
  • Prolonged usage at a higher dose
  • Using this substance together with alcohol and other drugs
  • Losing interest in your hobbies since you prioritize using the drug
  • Developed tolerance
  • Financial losses due to excessive spending of getting supplies of this drug

If you are already experiencing two or more of these symptoms, then you are addicted to synthetic marijuana. This is still treatable as long as you are willing to undertake the treatment.

Take note, the earlier you realize your addiction, the better it is since you can enroll in treatment as early as today.

Why Synthetic Marijuana is More Addictive?

This artificial cannabinoid works the same way as natural weed, yet studies show that it’s known to have higher potency, so a little dose will produce a stronger effect.

Additionally, this substance holds more strongly in your brain, specifically at the THC receptors, so its mind-altering effects are more severe. Here are some of its effects that are similar to natural cannabinoid:

  • Euphoric feeling
  • Relaxed mind and body
  • Distorted perception of reality and time
  • Slight psychosis
  • Substance-induced anxiety and depression
  • Hallucinations

While some of its usual withdrawal symptoms are the following:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Sleeplessness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Unstable mood and behavior

What Are Some Tips to Beat Synthetic Marijuana Addiction?

It may be relaxing and elevating your appetite but there’s more to that when you constantly use this fake weed. Developing a tolerance, or worse an addiction is a problematic condition for you.

There are many ways for you to resolve this condition, and here are some tips you can follow to slowly gain sobriety.

  • Bear in mind that withdrawal symptoms are discomforting and painful, depending on your addiction level.
  • Get away from peers and colleagues who are a bad influence on your recovery.
  • Take it step by step since it’s a process, so you need to religiously abide by your treatment process.
  • Enroll in yoga or meditation class
  • Talk to a counselor
  • Have a good companion with you
  • Enroll in a 12-step group
  • Plot your goals and reasons to achieve sobriety
  • Do other activities that will help distract you from craving the substance
  • Do community extension programs

Why Synthetic Marijuana is Much Worse than Natural Marijuana?

Synthetic MarijuanaK2 or Spice is a strong artificial substance with hallucinogenic properties that’s much worse than natural weed. This is the main reason why there’s much trouble when you are addicted to this substance.

Here are five main reasons why this artificial cannabinoid is worse than natural marijuana.

Dosage is Uncontrollable

Compared to using natural weed, this synthetic substance is harder to control in terms of dosage and effects. It could be that your second take will be worse than the first.

Unknown Ingredients and Changing Formulation

The purity and safety of its ingredients are questionable, making it more dangerous than its natural counterpart. It could be that illicit substances are also mixed into this artificial cannabinoid.

Increasing Addiction Cases and Deaths

Compared to the deaths due to heroin and cocaine abuse, the cases of ICUs and deaths related to synthetic marijuana are dramatically increasing. Around 11,000 individuals were rushed into the emergency rooms in the U.S.

It Has Addictive Properties

It takes only a little amount of this drug for you to get to its peak, and the timeframe of developing an addiction is shorter than using natural marijuana. Symptoms of psychosis quickly develop for this substance, and there’s a higher discomfort level during the withdrawal stage.

Supply Is Easy

Because synthetic marijuana is legal, the supply is everywhere and within easy reach. This scenario heightens the probability that Americans will be more addicted to this substance.

How To Treat Synthetic Marijuana Addiction?

The first step towards your recovery from abusing this artificial cannabinoid is through accepting your weakness and condition. Once you have fully embraced that, then you are ready to enroll for treatment.

Like any other addiction treatment, the process starts by consulting a doctor or addiction specialist. They will craft a customized treatment plan based on the results of their assessment.

Typically, your recovery program will include the following:

  • Synthetic MarijuanaDetox
  • Medication
  • Counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Evaluation
  • Recovery

The process changes from one patient to another, and for the rehab center, you have enrolled into. Make sure to choose a reliable rehab center and doctor that will handle your treatment program.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us today.