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How Much Adderall Causes Withdrawal?

Adderall Causes Withdrawal

The amount and dosage of Adderall prescribed in a day usually varies based on the condition the user is treating. Amphetamine drugs are typically administered via prescription at the lowest possible dose that’s most useful for treating the health condition. The right Adderall dose for each individual is based on their response to the medication, as various people have different reactions to the drug. The physician will work with you to get the appropriate dosage. A typical Adderall prescription will range from 5 to 60 milligrams overall in a day. Adolescents often start at a daily 10 mg dose. 40 mg is the maximum dose per day for children over six years and adults. When treating narcolepsy, the daily recommended dose may fall within the 5 mg -60 mg range. The doctor can then increase the dosage slowly until the symptoms are treated.

AdderallThere are also two forms of the drug – Adderall XR and Adderall. You cannot use one version in the place of another because even though they have similar active ingredients, they are still absorbed differently in the body.

Adderall XR is the delayed-release form of the medication, meaning it is slowly dissolved, so the drug’s active ingredients are gradually released throughout the body all through the day. The recommended dose for this version of Adderall is once a day only for adults. Regular Adderall works much faster, and the user can feel the effects within a few hours of taking the drug. Adults can take the dosage for this version several times daily.

Adderall XR and Adderall both have varying strengths, dosages, and forms. Since they have different dissolution rates in the body, both versions are often prescribed differently. Regardless of which version of Adderall you are taking, your healthcare provider will initially recommend the lowest, most effective dose and increase it as needed.

Recommended Adderall Administration and Doses

Adderall Causes WithdrawalRegular Adderall pills are typically taken between 2-3 times daily, with the first dose taken early in the morning after waking up and any follow-up doses taken 4-6 hours apart. The initial doses usually differ, but children over six years and adults are prescribed 5 mg taken once or twice every day. 2.5 mg is usually prescribed for younger children daily. The maximum daily dose recommended for adults is 40 mg, and for children, 30 mg.

Adderall XR capsules must only be taken once every day in the morning because they can make it hard to sleep if taken late in the day. For this version, starting doses are different, but adults usually start at one 20 mg dose daily, while children aged 6 to 17 start at one 10 mg dose. The maximum daily dose recommended for Adderall is 40 mg for adults and 30 mg for children.

The maximum daily doses for regular Adderall and Adderall XR vary based on how you react to the drug.

Adderall Misuse and Abuse

AdderallWhen Adderall is administered according to these recommended doses, there is a reduced chance of addiction and dependency. Adderall is very addictive and can result in dependence hence why it has been categorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a controlled substance. It is even illegal to give away or sell unprescribed Adderall.

Misusing Adderall by taking it without a doctor’s prescription or at a much higher dose than advised increases the user’s risk for dependence and addiction. Since it is a stimulant drug, students and working professionals can use Adderall to improve concentration levels and get more done while working or studying. They can also use it with alcohol to achieve a higher euphoria. In such cases, the dosage taken can be higher than recommended doses, resulting in addiction. As such, it is one of the most abused medications for ADHD.

However, misusing Adderall can result in severe cardiovascular effects and even death. People with an Adderall addiction can build up a tolerance for this medication and take higher doses to experience the desired effects. Unfortunately, taking high doses of this drug results in physical and psychological dependency and Adderall withdrawal symptoms when the user tries to quit. Long-term Adderall abuse or misuse at higher doses than recommended can cause chemical modifications in the brain resulting in reduced dopamine released.

When Adderall is taken at the typical recommended doses, it normally does not produce a high effect. Some people can experience self-confidence, excitement, focus, and energy when they take Adderall. It is also common to experience a euphoric feeling, particularly when abusing or misusing the drug. Before stopping Adderall, it is important to speak to your doctor first. There is a chance that your symptoms might come back if you stop taking the medication. You could also develop Adderall withdrawal symptoms such as depression, fatigue, and sleep problems if you take high doses of the drug or abuse it.

So how do you know that you are dependent on Adderall? Here are a few symptoms to look out for:

  • You have to take higher dosages of the medication to get the same desired effects
  • You feel the need to take the drug to feel normal
  • You experience unpleasant symptoms when you have not taken the drug or stopped taking it

On the other hand, these symptoms are not necessarily an indication that you are addicted or dependent on Adderall. It could be that your body is accustomed to performing with Adderall in the system. Adderall dependence prevents you from stopping using the drug without experiencing withdrawal symptoms, while addiction drives you to keep taking the drug for the desired euphoric effects. If you try to quit the drug cold turkey, you may end up experiencing withdrawal symptoms that last for weeks or days. The ideal way to address Adderall withdrawal is to taper off the drug gradually under medical supervision until it is safe to get off it completely.